Innovative material from natural fibers and
synthetic fibers

formholz compound – the efficient raw material for the
plastics processing industry, for furniture manufacturers and
similar industries.

    - Processing with conventional machinery (extruders,
    injection moulding machines, presses)
    - dry raw material (no pre-treatment necessary)
    - high degree of durability and stability of products made of formholz compound due to homogeneous blending using the compound technology of the Haller Formholz GmbH
    - comfortable processing (free-flowing, almost dust-free pellets)
    - real price alternative to many plastic and wood fiber products
    - admixture of additives makes the finished products

» Material composition

formholz Compound consists by 50–80% of natural fibres...

» Stability, weather resistance

formholz compounds are individual blends finished
according to the wishes of the customers...